Eyesiu Medicines BV is the second company founded by Pieter J. Gaillard in life sciences. Pieter is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is driven by passion and ambition, the kind that demands that everything be done right to succeed – strategy, tactics, innovation, execution, management & entrepreneurship. As a born life sciences entrepreneur, he followed his passion and dreams by creating the company “to-BBB” back in 2000, right after finishing his PhD exam on the blood-brain barrier (BBB). His journey with to-BBB was full of joy, excitement, victorious moments, and it never felt like a day of work to him. This success was possible only because of the dedicated team and organisations who shared his belief and placed their trust in his company. 

Pieter: “It was truly magical, experiencing what a group of inspired people together can accomplish, something that can make a difference in  patients’ lives”

During his tenure at to-BBB, Pieter developed into a passionate leader, inspirational coach, innovator and inventor. As such, his responsibilities covered overall corporate strategy, fund raising, cross cultural collaborations, R&D and IPR. Scientifically, he is an industry expert in the field of pharmacology, neuroscience, CNS and eye diseases, BBB, blood-retina barrier, tissue targeting, drug delivery systems, manufacturing (CMC) and regulated (translational) drug development. 

to-BBB became a biopharmaceutical company pioneering treatments for devastating brain diseases, with clinical stage products for treating brain cancer and multiple sclerosis. After leading the company with his vision for 14 years, he resigned in 2014 to continue his exciting journey on new waters, being Eyesiu Medicines BV. 

Just as the activities at Eyesiu were about to start, to-BBB filed for bankruptcy (due to lack of funding) and the administrator in the bankruptcy urged Pieter to return and help repair the damages. It was the right thing to do, so Pieter (supported by a dedicated group of investors) acquired all IPR and re-started the company as 2-BBB Medicines BV in April 2015, simultaneously with the start of the Eyesiu activities. This provided many business operational synergies. Both companies focus solely on (regional) product development partnerships as commercialisation strategy and long-term value growth as an independent Leiden-based entity. Now, the 2-BBB products have found global development partners (Oncology Venture from Denmark, EnhanX Biopharm from Taiwan, and Mireca Medicines from Germany), see press releases on www.2-BBB.com. Meanwhile he is also actively involved as (supervisory) board member or (expert) advisor at e.g., Leiden MarketingLeiden Bio Science Park, (co-founder of) BBBNedwork FoundationCarduso Capital and (co-founder of) SEVBI, a foundation for effective off-label prescription.